Sunday June 30th

The 2013 US Open MAS Wrestling Championship

Open to all male and female strength athletes

(3) men’s weight divisions and two (2) women’s weight divisions:


198lb (90kg) and under,
199lb (90.1kg) – 231lb (105kg),
232lb (105.1and over – more weight divisions may be added if we have enough athletes)                           


154lb (70kg) and under,
155lb (70.1kg) and above.

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AWARDS:     1st – 3rd in each weight class division

MAS wrestling is an ancient sport from Yakutia (far northern region of the Russian Republic of Sakha).   Athletes sit in front of each other, prop their feet against the board that divides the competition arena and pull on a short stick (like a Man o’ Man Deadlift). The athlete that wins the coin toss chooses the stick hold position (internal or external for the first match), and the one who chooses the external hold, shows his position (left or right) and has no right to change it. In second match the grip is reversed/switched (internal/external), and if third math is necessary, another coin toss.  The stick must be over the board and parallel to it, hands and fingers are not to overlap.  Match starts on Referee’s whistle.

An athlete wins the match if he/his:

  • pulls (snatches out) the stick;
  • pulls the opponent over with the stick;
  • opponent releases a hand (hands);
  • opponent moves one or two feet over the board higher than knee level; or
  • opponent gets second caution in single match.


Cautions are given for:
  • hooking and resting the stick and/or arms against the board and/or toes;
  • twisting the stick over 90 degrees vertically and horizontally;
  • re-gripping and twisting the stick before start;
  • disobeying the Referee’s orders before start;
  • false start; or
  • setting feet, body or head against the lateral device fastening the board;


No Contest is declared if: 
  • the stick breaks; or
  • athletes fall together and are not able to continue the match.


Best two of three matches win the Battle.  This is an 8-Man Tournament single Battle elimination with Bonus Points and seeded according to the previous event.  Each Battle is best two of three matches, and carry along Bonus Points as follows:  Win 2-0 and receive 3 Bonus Points; win 2-1 and receive 2 Bonus Points; lose 1-2 and receive 1 Bonus Point; and lose 0-2 and receive NO Bonus Points.

See it in action below [youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”][/youtube]


The history and rules are explained in video below:  [youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”][/youtube]


Worth noting, the Scottish Swingle Tree is a traditional Highland Shepherd strength test that dates back 100′s of year. A shepherd’s crook would be used. Two competitors will grab either side of the crook go into a seated position with their feet against a wooden beam. Competitors will attempt to pull one another to their side, the loser being the competitor going over to the opposite side.

Schedule of Events:

Sunday June 30th, 2013

  9:30 AM: Weigh-in and Athletes’ Rules Meeting MAS Wrestling
10:25 AM: Presentation of Combat Athletes
10:30 AM: MAS Wrestling Preliminary Matches
12:30 PM: MAS Wrestling Preliminary Matches continued
  2:00 PM: MAS Wrestling Final Rounds
  4:30 PM: Award Ceremony

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