Training Gear & Tools

Training Gear
When you’re training, you know that having the right equipment is essential for performing exercises safely and getting the most out of each workout. If you’re a powerlifter, CrossFit aficionado, or even a track and field athlete, you’ll find a selection of training gear ideal for your kind of regimen.

From stone lifting tacky that helps with grip to CrossFit lifting belts and training gear, Visegrip Viking Shoppe is proud to stock a wide range of equipment designed to improve your experience in the gym. If you’re getting into MAS wrestling, consider shopping for a lever belt, or check out the traditional powerlifting belts we have in our inventory. We also carry a selection of functional Hyperforce compression supports and wraps for athletes.

If you’re looking for a strongman harness, durable wrist wraps for lifting or just about any other gear you need when strength training, look no further than Visegrip Viking Shoppe!

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