Saturday June 29th

The 2nd Annual Odd Haugen Strongman Challenge

NAS Platinum Plus Level contest OPEN to all qualified NAS member athletes.  The top three athletes in each weight class will qualify for the 2013 NAS National Championship.  The Champion will receive ASC Pro Card as well as a direct invite  (entry fee waived) to the 2014 All American Strongman Challenge including travel reimbursements (flight or mileage) and hotel accommodations for two nights.


Trophies and gift packages (TBD) for 1st through 5th place finishers.

Format of Competition:

The Odd Haugen’ Strongman Challenge: Five (5) disciplines (events) will be contested which will be randomly drawn from the five (5) discipline buckets ATTACHED and made part hereof the Entry Form. Each athlete picks one (1) favorite discipline from each bucket. Final draw of disciplines will be done no less than one week from date of contest, and will be promptly announced via email to all athletes.

Athletes’ order and pairing in the first Discipline is determined by reverse order of received entry, and announced at the Athletes’ Rules Meeting prior to the commencement of the contest. The order in the subsequent Disciplines shall be the reverse order of OVERALL standing (not previous Discipline). Ties in the overall standing shall be broken by finish in previous Discipline. If a Discipline is contested in pairs or groups, the “lane” assignments must be uniformly applied “odd” in left lane, “even” in right lane to the all pairs.

Athletes will CIRCLE their preferred EVENTS, one EVENT from EACH BUCKET PLEASE!

2nd Annual Odd Haugen Strongman Challenge

Overhead Bucket Carry/Grip Bucket Static Lift Bucket Classical Bucket Stones Bucket
1 308lb Log Lift C&P Reps 1 275lb Farmers Carry Max Distance 1 507lb Front Squat w/Axle Reps 1 915lb Super Yoke Timed /60′ Distance 1 5 Atlas Stones of Strength to Rings (260, 310, 330, 350, 375)
2 310lb Viking Press Reps 2 330lb Farmers Carry Timed/ 60′ Distance (no drop) 2 705lb Sidehandle Deadlift Reps w/straps 2 396lb Shield Carry Max Distance 2 5 Atlas Stones to Boxes (260, 310, 330, 350, 375)
3 308lb Axle C&P Reps 3 705lb Frame Carry Timed /60′ Distance (no drop) 3 660lb Deadlift Bar Reps w/straps 3 388lb Natural Stone Carry Max Distance 3 375lb Atlas Stones over Bar (56”) Reps
4 181LB Giant Dumbbell Press Reps 4 Deadlift Hold (side handles) Timed (705lb) 4 606lb Deadlift 2″ Axle Reps No Straps 4 Tire Flip (1100lb) Timed/60′ Distance 4 310lb Atlas Stone to Shoulder Reps
5 OH Medley (253lb block, 275lb field stone, 320lb log, 330lb axle, 181LB Giant Dumbbell) 5 Wheelbarrow Timed/ 60′ Distance with Loading of 3 objects 5 Deadlift Medley (606lb Axle Deadlift, 660lb Deadlift plus 750lb Deadlift 1.5″ Axle Reps w/straps) 5 Tire Flip Medley (3 tires: 700; 900; 1100lbs) Timed 5 5 Natural Stones to Boxes (220, 275, 290, 388, 410)


Timed Disciplines shall be hand timed, and distances shall be measured by standard measuring device. The score in a Discipline shall be determined by placement and based on the number of Athletes starting in the first Discipline of the contest. If an Athlete pass on a Discipline or fail to get a measurable result in a Discipline, he will receive zero (0) points (i.e. fails to get one repetition in a Discipline for maximum repetitions, fails to lift the opening weight in a max lift, etc.). The score for a placement shall remain the same through an entire competition (i.e. if the score for 1st place is 12 points in the first Discipline, it will remain 12 points in subsequent Disciplines even if the field of athletes has been reduced by attrition).

Schedule of Events (Final Order of TBD)

Saturday June 29th, 2013

09:00 AM: Check- in and Registration

10:30 AM: Athletes’ Rules Meeting

11:00 AM: Presentation of Athletes

11:05 PM: Over Head Lift Discipline (see Bucket above)

12:15 PM: Carry/Grip Discipline (see Bucket above)

01:15 PM: Static Lift Discipline (see Bucket above)

3:30 PM: Classic Discipline (see Bucket above)

4:30 PM: Stone Discipline (see Bucket above)

5:15 PM: Award Ceremony


Hotel INFO:

The Hilton Santa Clara


4949 Great America Parkway
Santa Clara, CA 95054

The Hilton Santa Clara hotel is a stylish and sophisticated California property boasting an ideal location adjacent to California’s Great America theme park and directly across from the Santa Clara Convention Center. The Hilton Santa Clara is set in an attractive resort-style building just 20 minutes from the San Jose International Airport (SJC).

  • To reserve your discounted room(s) contact the Hilton directly at (408) 330-0001 or you can reserve online by clicking on the link below
  • To obtain the special rate use group code TFENC and group name The Fitness Expo- Northern California
  • Discounted room rates from $115.00 single/double
  • Cut-off date to receive this offer: May 28, 2013
  • Parking is FREE
  • Complimentary high-speed T-1 internet access in all guestrooms

Group Information

·        Group Name:  The Fitness Expo- Northern California

·        Group Code:  TFENC

·        Hotel Name: Hilton Santa Clara

·        Hotel Address:
4949 Great America Parkway
Santa Clara, CA 95054

·        Phone Number:(408) 330-0001

·        Reservation Link: