Odd Haugen Strongman Conditioning and Training Equipment

Brought to you by the Visegrip Viking – Odd E. Haugen

Odd Haugen Strongman Conditioning and Training Equipment

Whether fitness has always been a part of your life or you are just now embarking on a journey to better yourself – mind, body and soul – you know that it makes a huge impact on your training regimen to have the proper training equipment. Everything from lifting tacky and knee wraps to proper resistance training equipment and quality powerlifting belts can help you train to your fullest potential and achieve the results you deserve. Visegrip Viking Shoppe is here to help make that possible!

If you’re a powerlifter, looking for CrossFit gear or there’s something else that keeps you training in the gym, Visegrip Viking has the strength and conditioning equipment to help you succeed. Introduce a blend of full-body strength training and hand-to-hand combat to your gym with a MAS wrestling training set to encourage some friendly competition among athletes, or browse through our wide selection of strongman training equipment to assist you in heavy-duty lifting. We even have several apparel options that showcase your passion and enthusiasm for fitness!

We are committed to your training just as much as you are – that’s why we not only offer equipment for all kinds of fitness enthusiasts, but we also offer a wide range of dotFIT supplements through our online store. Visegrip Viking even offers online strength and conditioning programs customized just for you and are accessible directly from your mobile device. Forget combing the Internet for workout tips or spending hours personalizing your training regimen – Visegrip Viking has it all taken care of!

Visegrip Viking Shoppe has specially selected extreme training equipment that is meant to support and enhance your fitness preparation if you’re a strength athlete, a weightlifter or you just like to get in the gym and get a good sweat in. We are proud to offer our customers a wide array of quality fitness products that are prepared to work just as hard as you do.

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