Rogue MAS Wrestling Training Set

A mix of full-body strength training, friendly competition, and hand-to-hand combat, MAS wrestling has grown from a small regional tradition in northern Russia to an event seen at Strongman competitions and open tournaments across the globe. Rogue’s official MAS Wrestling Set—manufactured in Columbus, OH—includes everything you need to bring this addictive, high-agility sport into your gym. This includes a sturdy 90” wood foot-board, two rounded end caps, and the 19-5/8” length MAS Wrestling Stick.

The foot-board and end-caps are CNC machined from 1” thick Baltic birch and are hand-sanded and finished with polyurethane to keep the wood smooth and well protected. Each end-cap features the Rogue logo and the MAS Wrestling USA logo, while both sides of the footboard are burned with the “ROGUE” brand and a pair of vertical lines spaced one meter apart, per MAS Wrestling rules*. The 1.25” diameter MAS stick is made from oak and offers a firm grip that won’t tear up your hands during your matches (or rematches).