MASTERS men and women

NOVICE men and women

TEEN men and women

METROFLEX GYM – 12551 E Carson St, Hawaiian Gardens, CA

The 2023 LOS ANGLES STRONGEST is a Strongman Corporation contest OPEN to all qualified member athletes. The top three athletes* in each Weight Class will qualify for the 2023 National Championship. Weight Divisions are: Light Weight Women (LWW) -140lb Weight Class; Middle Weight Woman (MWW) – 180lb Weight Class; Heavy Weight Women Division (HWW) 181lb and above Weight Class; Light Weight Men (LWM) -175lb Weight Class; Welter Weight Men (WWM) – 200lb Weight Class; Middle Weight Men (MWM) -231lb Weight Class; Heavy Weight Men (HWM) -265lb Weight Class; and Super Heavy Weight Men 265lb and above Weight Class Teen and Masters one open weight division for male and one for female.

*There must be a minimum of 5 athletes in a Weight Class for the top 3 athletes to qualify for Nationals. Weight classes will be combined into Light Weight, Middle Weight and Heavy Weight if there not enough participation in individual Weight Classes.

AWARDS: Sculpted trophies 1st-3rd place; sponsor gifts and giftcards equaling Nearly $300 for each first place winner.

Entry Fee: Early OPEN ; OPEN $110 (Teen and Masters) pay $90 (by 8/1/2023); and late entry $150 payable with entry form at:ENTRY FORM

ENTRY DEADLINE: August 1, 2023

Strongman corporation Membership available on line:

The CONTEST will be contested over five (5) Disciplines of which all count towards OVERALL STANDING. Athletes’ order in the first Disciplines determined by reverse order of received entry forms and entry fee and announced at the Athletes’ Rules Meeting prior to the commencemnt of the contest. The order in FINAL Discipline shall be the reverse order of OVERALL standing. Ties in the overall standing shall be broken by finish in previous Discipline. If discipline is contested in pairs or groups, the “lane” assignments must be uniformly applied “odd” in left lane, “even” in right lane to all the pairs. No powerlifting suit or straps allowed in any discipline.


Timed Disciplines shall be hand timed, and distances shall be measured by standard measuring tapes or measuring wheel. The score in a Discipline will equal the placement in the contest, i.e. first place finisher receives maximum points. If an Athlete pass on a Discipline or fail to get a measurable result in a Discipline, he will receive 0 points (i.e. fails to get one repetition in a Discipline for maximum repetitions, fails to lift the opening weight in a max lift, pass on a discipline etc. Ties for purpose of determining overall score will share points.


  • Warmups will be available at 8:30AM  competition day
  • 9:30AM rules meeting
  • 10AM start time

Saturday September 2. 2023


8:00AM – Late weigh-in and check in and Strongman Corporation Registration.

9:30AM – Rules Meeting: Athletes and officials

10:00AM Harness and rope truck pull 60’

11:30 AM Yoke Race (in pairs) 100’

  • Athletes will have a 1-minute time cap to carry the yoke 50ft down and 50ft back to the original starting line
  • Athletes will be allowed ONE drop outside of the safe zone
  • Time stops when the front of the yoke crosses the line
  • LWW: 375lbs
  • MWM: 420lbs
  • HWW: 470lbs
  • LWM: 525lbs
  • WWM: 580lbs
  • MWM: 640lbs
  • HWM: 700lb

12:00PM Power Pole Ladder Deadlift each athlete will have 60 seconds to lift a Power Pole with 5 rung positions ; weight increasing with each rung position;  and can rep out 5th rung position.  Most overall reps wins.FIRST  RUNG 5 REPS; SECONED RUNG 4 REPS ; THIRD RUNG 3 REPS; FOURTH RUNG 2 REPS; FIFTH RUNG REP OUT!

2:00PM Throw bags over 12’/15’ bar

LW women (LWW-140)/ MASTERS 40+MW women (MWW-180)HW women (HWW+180)LW men (MLW-175 TEENS/MASTERS Women over 12′ Bar20; 25; 30; 35lb25; 30; 35; 40lb30; 35; 40; 45lb Men over 15′ Bar   25; 30; 35; 40lb

3:00PM Circus dumbbell Most weight/most reps. Heaviest dumbbell for the most reps wins. More weight TRUMPs with double jeopardy: most weight/most reps 60 second time limit. Each athlete has one attempt, athlete can for go their first attempt and try heavier dumbbell ( all or nothing/ ”double jeopardy”). Available dumbbells: 50lb; 66lb; 75lb (Rogue); 88lb (Loadable); 110lb (Rogue); 124lb (loadable); 14OLB (Bartos dB); 180Lb Circus Dumbbell

4:00 PM Weigh-in and check in and Strongman Corporation for Masters; Teens ; Light Weight Women (LWW) -140lb Weight Class; Middle Weight Woman (MWW) – 180lb Weight Class; Heavy Weight Women Division (HWW) 181lb and above Weight Class; and Light Weight Men (LWM) -175lb Weight Class.

4:30 PM Award ceremony

Sunday September 3, 2023- NO COMPETITION ON SUNDAY!