2021 International King Kong Grip Challenge – Questions and Answers


Q: Are all implements supposed to be cleaned and removed of chalk or build up?


A: This is not a requirement. Competitors may even apply or remove CHALK to the implement to their liking.



Q: Can the Finnish Ball be attached to the loading pin using a carabiner?


A: No. For the Crusher, Grab Ball, and Little Big Horn, a carabiner IS to be used.



Q: What is an acceptable grip for the Finnish Ball?


A: The grip must be as described in the official World of Grip rules (the same rules that are in the King Kong rules document). That is, the thumb should be pointing vertically straight down from the start of the lift. The thumb may be bent, but the thumb angle should be perpendicular to the Finnish Ball plate.



Q: Is video evidence required to prove that the Crusher spins as intended?


A: Video evidence is not required. However, all promoters must demonstrate to their competitors that the Crusher spins freely on the day of the contest. DO NOT COMPETE WITH A CRUSHER THAT IS NOT WORKING CORRECTLY!



Q: Can you increase your lift within the one-minute time limit of each attempt?


A: No, you can’t do this. You can only attempt four weights – one per trip to the platform.



Q: Given that some venue promoters are hosting the contest on different dates, it is possible to compete more than once?


A: No, each competitor can only compete once, with all of their attempts being made on the same day.



Q: Who can judge the events?


A: Anyone with a full understanding of the rules. Selected at the venue promoter’s discretion.



Q: Can the contest be held outside?


A: Yes.



Note that we’re relying on all venue promoters to do their part to ensure fair play. The continued success and credibility of the International King Kong Grip Challenge depends on it.