Anaheim Convention Center

August 22-23, 2015

The Odd Haugen Southland Strongman Challenge  is a NAS Level 2 contest OPEN to all qualified NAS member athletes.  The top two athletes in each weight class will qualify for the 2015 NAS National Championship.  Weight categories are:  Light Weight Women 150lb; Open Women 151lb and above; Light Weight Men  175lb; Middle Weight Men 231lb; Open Men  232lb and above.  Please note we’ll add Men’s Masters if we have three or more competitors (same implements and weights as Middle Weight Men)


Sculptured Trophies  for 1st through 3th place weight class finishers

Entry Fee: $75.00 payable with entry form at

ENTRY DEADLINE:              July 31, 2015

Hotel Information:

Expo Entry fee of $25 per day is WAIVED for registered athletes

Format of Competition:

The Odd Haugen Southland Strongman Challenge  will be contested over 5 Disciplines.  Athletes’ order and pairing in the first Discipline is determined by reverse order of received entry, and announced at the Athletes’ Rules Meeting prior to the commencement of the contest.  The order in the subsequent Disciplines shall be the reverse order of OVERALL standing (not previous Discipline).  Ties in the overall standing shall be broken by finish in previous Discipline.  If a Discipline is contested in pairs or groups, the “lane” assignments must be uniformly applied “odd” in left lane, “even” in right lane to the all pairs.


Disciplines: LW women OPEN women LW men MW men OPEN men
1) Farmers (timed w/turn)    120    150   180   220    250
2) Log clean and press for reps    110    150   180   230    260
3) MAS Combat man-o-man man-o-man man-o-man man-o-man man-o-man
4) Yoke  350    400     500    600     700
5) Axle Deadlift for Reps  250    300    400    450     550


Timed Disciplines shall be hand timed, and distances shall be measured by standard measuring device.  The score in a Discipline shall be determined by placement and based on the number of Athletes starting in the first Discipline of the contest.  If an Athlete pass on a Discipline or fail to get a measurable result in a Discipline, he will receive zero (0) points (i.e. fails to get one repetition in a Discipline for maximum repetitions, fails to lift the opening weight in a max lift, etc.).  The score for a placement shall remain the same through an entire competition (i.e. if the score for 1st place is 16 points in the first Discipline, it will remain 16 points in subsequent Disciplines even if the field of athletes has been reduced by attrition). 

Schedule of Events

Friday August 21, 2015

12Noon –6 PM Weigh-in and check in and NAS Registration Odd Haugen Southland Strongman Challenge

Saturday August 22, 2015

9:00AM – Late weigh-in and check in and NAS Registration Odd Haugen Southland Strongman Challenge

9:30AM – Rules Meeting:  Athletes and officials

10:05AM – Introductions of Athletes

10:10AM – Beast Metal Farmers Walk for Distance

The athletes, competing in pairs will each attempt to pick-up pair of Farmers Walk implements and carry for 60 feet drop and turn back (120’ total).   Multiple set down and pick up allowed.  Fastest time to complete or furthest distance wins.  Each athlete has 60 seconds to complete.

11:30 PM:  Beast Metal Log clean and press for reps

The athletes, competing in pairs will attempt to clean/continental press/jerk an LOG from floor to locked arms

overhead for as many reps as possible.  Athlete must await referee’s “down” signal before returning LOG to floor

under control.  Each athlete has 60 seconds to complete as many lifts as possible. Most completed lifts wins.

 12:30PM – –  Combat MAS™:

Athletes will compete in double elimination type tournament (exact format to be determined based on number

athletes entered in each weight category).  Each match is best two of three bouts, athletes seeded based on overall

standing.  If 5 or less in weight category – Round Robin.  Points as follows:  Win 2-0 and receive 3 Points; win 2-1

and receive 2 Points; lose 1-2 and receive 1 Point; and lose 0-2 and receive NO Points in match.

3:00PM – Beast Metal Super Yoke

The athletes, competing in pairs will each attempt to lift and carry a yoke on their shoulders for 60 feet up and back (Total 120’). Multiple set down allowed, only before crossing starting line at either end.  The athlete will have 60 seconds time limit to complete course. Furthest or fastest time to complete course wins.

4:00PM – Apollon’s Axle Deadlift for Reps

The athletes competing in pairs will each attempt to lift an Apollon’s Axle to full lock out for as many times as possible within in a 60 sec time limit.  No suits. No straps. No bounce allowed.  Start and finish lift on referee’s signal.

5:00PM – Strongman Challenge  Award Ceremony

 4:00PM – 6PM  Early Weigh-In and Registration MAS Wrestling Tournament

 Disciplines order and rules are subject to refinement and change without notice.