TRAINING doesn’t have to always be in the gym or garage aka(VALHALA) what I call it.  I have learned to workout while doing family activities.   Family comes first.   You have to find a balance with family, work and workouts for everything to be worth it.  Just keep in mind the importance of moving to Living Strong.

General: I typically train 4 to 5 times a week year-round. The most common configuration is

  • Monday:Upper Body Dynamic/Explosive Strength Training;
  • Tuesday: Lower Body Max Effort/ Absolute Strength Training;
  • Wednesday: Rest – You don’t want to tax your body too much!
  • Thursday: Upper Body Max Effort/ Absolute Strength Training;
  • Friday: Lower Body Dynamic/Explosive Strength Training;
  • Saturday and/or Sunday: Event Training

Each training session starts with Self Myo-Fascial Release (SMR) using a foam roll, followed by a 5 to 10 minutes warm-up on a stationary bike, Active Stretching, and Core Stabilization and/or corrective exercises for my shoulders.

Each training session should end with more SMR and Static Stretching, but this is omitted more often than not. During some periods I will do some cardio training on the stationary bike or Treadmill. The cardio training is more for health than performance.

Competition: The week before and the week after a competition I only train two days each week;

Upper Body Dynamic/Explosive Strength Training one day and Lower Body Dynamic/Explosive Strength Training the other day.

I usually allow for 2 to 3 days rest prior to a competition and 1 to 2 days rest after a competition.

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