Power Straps and Wraps

Weight Lifting Straps & Wraps
Whenever you’re engaging in high-intensity strength training, like powerlifting or CrossFit, you want to keep the parts of your body most susceptible to strain as supported as possible. Knees and wrists typically bear the greatest weight, but fortunately, power straps and wraps can provide the tight and secure feel you need. Visegrip Viking Shoppe stocks a wide range of Hyperforce wrist and knee wraps for weightlifting, strongman, CrossFit and other strength training.

Experience the difference in training when you use CrossFit wrist wraps, and alleviate that bothersome knee pain that comes with squatting weight with powerlifting knee wraps. We also carry reinforced power straps to improve your grip and help you lift heavier. No matter the training, these various wraps will help you tap into your full potential. Whether you’re looking for bodybuilding knee wraps or needing a little more wrist security, Visegrip Viking Shoppe has just the gear you need to make the most out of your strength training!

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