Level 2 Strongman Competition Sanctioned by Strongman Corporation

 Promoter: Chris Redd, The Training Hall by Odd E. Haugen

Venue: Barbell Brigade 646 Gibbons St, Los Angeles CA 90031

Date: September 4th, 2021 9 am – 5 pm

Weigh- Ins: Friday September 3rd at Barbell Brigade 7am – 12 pm

Weight Classes: Novice Men,  Light Weight Men – under 175.4, Middle Weight Men – (175.5 – 200.4) & (200.5 – 231.4), Heavy Weight Men – over 231.5

Novice Women, Light Weight Women – under 140.4, Middle Weight Women – (140.5 – 160.4) & (160.5 – 180.4), Heavy Weight Women – over 180.5

Any weight class with less than 5 athletes will be combined with another.  The weights from the lower class will be used.

*Events: Wagon Wheel Axle Deadlift MAX!, Everything Overhead Medley, Run N’ Load, Keg Toss, Trump Field/Natural Stone to Shoulder

Awards: Trophies 1st & 2nd, Medal for 3rd

1st and 2nd of each weight class receives a nationals invite (except the Novice Class)

Entry Fee: $80 before Aug 1st to receive a t-shirt, $100 after Aug 1st, and shirt not guaranteed.

Entry Form

Contact: Chris Redd 530 227 1993

*Events, events order, and weights are subject to change at the promoter’s discretion.

Entry Fees are non – refundable.

 Event Rules

  1. Wagon Wheel Axle Deadlift MAX!

Athletes will have 3 attempts to pull the most weight possible.  Each attempt will be 30 seconds. If an athlete fails a weight, they can use another attempt at that weight or go up.  Most weight wins the event.  The athletes will be choosing their own weights.

Belts, wraps, sleeves, straps, and chalk allowed. No grip aides, no sumo, and no suits.  Hitching is allowed.

  1. Everything Overhead Medley

Athletes will have 75 seconds to press each of the four implements once.  The implements will be lined up in the following order Circus DB, Axle, Log, and Mouser Block.  The implements can be pressed in any order, but their placement on the ground will not change.  Implements cannot be dropped from overhead, this will result in a no rep.

Belts, wraps, sleeves (no doubles), grip shirts and chalk allowed.

  1. Run N Load

Athletes will have 60 seconds to carry and load the 3 implements listed: keg, mouser block, sandbag.  Each implement will be picked up and carried 30 ft then loaded over a yoke cross bar.  The fastest time wins.

Men’s height 52” and Women to 48”

Belts, wraps, sleeves, grip shirts and chalk allowed. No grip aides of any kind.

  1. Keg Toss

Athletes will have 60 seconds to throw 5 kegs over the uprights.  The fastest time wins.

Men’s height 15’ and Women’s height 12’

Belts, wraps, sleeves, straps, and chalk allowed.

  1. Trump Field/Natural Stone to Shoulder

Athletes will choose their stone to rep.  Once they choose there stone, there is no going up or down.  They will have 60 seconds to lift the stone to their shoulder as many times as possible.  The most reps or heaviest weight wins.

Belts, sleeves, grip shirts, tacky towel, and chalk allowed.  NO TACKY