MAS Wrestling Equipment

Mas Training Boards & Equipment
Originating from northern Russia as a regional tradition that challenges both mind and body, MAS wrestling has since grown into an international sensation among male and female competitors, as well as children of all ages. Using very particular wrestling training equipment, MAS wrestling competitions require participants to sit across from each other while propping their feet against a dividing board and pulling on a wooden stick. The goal is to either pull the stick away from your opponent or pull them over the board onto your side using a combination of wit and muscular strength.

Visegrip Viking Shoppe is proud to share its enthusiasm for MAS wrestling by offering a range of MAS extreme training equipment to prepare you for this fun and demanding sport. Our selection of training boards includes a range of MAS stick sizes to suit many needs. We even carry a training system designed to help get you started in the world of MAS by training you in the fundamentals required for the sport.

If you’re interested in challenging yourself mentally and physically, the world of MAS wrestling is difficult but rewarding. Visegrip Viking Shoppe has all of the equipment you need for MAS training and competitions, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out.

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