LA’S Strongest Man and Woman

Promoter: Chris Redd, and The Training Hall by Odd E. Haugen

Venue: Barbell Brigade

646 Gibbons St, Los Angeles CA 90031

Date: October 10th, 2020 9 am – 4 pm

Weigh- Ins: Friday October 9th at Barbell Brigade 7am – 12 pm and 2 pm – 6 pm

Weight Classes: Light Weight Men – under 175.4, Middle Weight Men – (175.5 – 200.4) & (200.5 – 231.4), Heavy Weight Men – over 231.5

Light Weight Women – under 140.4, Middle Weight Women – (140.5 – 160.4) & (160.5 – 180.4), Heavy Weight Women – over 180.5

Any weight class with less than 5 athletes will be combined with another.  The weights from the lower class will be used.

*Events: Axle Overhead Press Last Person Standing, Farmer’s Walk, Deadlift Medley, Sandbag Max Distance, and Keg Over Bar

Awards: Trophies 1st to 3rd, 1st and 2nd of each weight class receives a Strongman Corp nationals invite.  The athlete will have their choice of competing in either 2020 or 2021.

 Entry Fee: $80 before September 5th to receive a t-shirt, $100 after September 5th, and shirt not guaranteed.  Entry deadline September 19th. . 

A valid membership to Strongman Corporation is required of all competing athletes. 

Contact: Chris Redd 530 227 1993

*Events and weights are subject to change at the promoter’s discretion.

 Event Rules

  1. Axle Clean and Press Last Person Standing

Athletes will line up with their weight class.  When the bar is ready athletes will have 20 seconds to clean and press the axle overhead for a single rep.  A completed rep will receive a down command from the judge and the athlete will then proceed to the back on the line.  If an athlete fails a rep, they will be eliminated.  The athlete who presses the heaviest weight wins the event.

All athletes will start with the opening weight and perform all weight jumps until eliminated.

Belts, wraps, sleeves, grip shirts and chalk allowed  

  • Farmers Carry

Athletes will line up behind the starting line.  When given the start command, they will have 60 seconds to complete the course.  Once the implement is picked up the athlete will have one drop.  Upon the second drop the athlete is eliminated.  To complete the course the entire implement must cross the finish line.

Belts, wraps, sleeves, and chalk allowed. No grip aides of any kind.  Course length 60’

  • Deadlift Medley – Axle, Wagon Wheel, and Frame for Reps

Athletes will start at the axle.  When given the start command, they will deadlift the axle for a single rep. They can move to the next implement once given the down command by the judge.  The same for the next bar.  Once the athlete reaches the frame, they will deadlift for reps. The athletes will wait for a down command to get a completed rep.    Touch and go will not be allowed on the frame reps.  They will have 60 seconds in total to complete all the implements and get as many reps as possible on the frame.

Belts, wraps, sleeves, and chalk allowed. No grip aides, no straps, no Sumo and no suits.  Mixed grip and thumb less grip will be allowed.

  • Sandbag Max distance

The athlete will begin behind the starting line.  Once time starts, they will pick up the sandbag and walk to the other end of the course.  Their foot must cross the line before changing directions.  If the sandbag touches the ground once picked up the athlete is done.  Resting on the knees is allowed, no shouldering, and no resting the sandbag on a belt. 

Belts, sleeves, grip shirts and chalk allowed.  Course Length 60’

  • Keg Over Bar

The athlete will start with the hands on the cross bar.  After the go command, they will have 60 seconds to load their keg over bar as many times as possible. 

Belts, sleeves, grip shirts and chalk allowed.  No grip aides.  Men’s height 48” and Women to 42”